The Making of the Battle Oaks Picture

The first step in the process was to take 53 separate, high resolution photographs.   Each photo is 12 megapixels
or 4000 x 3000 pixels.   The photos were taken with generous overlap with adjacent photos, both horizontally and
vertically.   The image below shows the raw layout of the 53 photos.

This next image is NOT part of the process.   I have included this image to illustrate how a manually assembled
image would appear.   Many parts of the image do not match do to the parallax effect.   Also, there is no
blending of the brightness and contrast between images.

I used a free software program called AutoStitch created by the Artificial Intelligence lab at the Univeristy of British
Columbia.   This software locates common points between images, curves or warps the images to adjust for parallax,
and then blends the brightness and contrast between the 53 photos.   The results is the raw panaoramic image below.
When the software is set to create a 50% image, the result is a panoramic image that is 16,224 by 5,631 pixels.

I then used photo editing software to crop the photo to a size of 12,149 by 5,449 pixels.   This image was then shrunk
to 11,400 by 5,113 pixels, a black border and text were added to produce a final image that is 12,000 by 6,000 pixels,
or 40 inches by 20 inches when printed at 300 dpi.

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