Pouring the Slab - October 27, 2004

The slab for our house was poured on Wednesday, October 27, 2004.   The slab required 15 cement truck loads, 150 yards of cement.   It took about four hours to pour the slab and several more hours to smooth the surface.

A light rain began about noon, just as the pour was being completed.   This was actually a good thing as the high humidity allows the cement to cure slowly and evenly.
A pumper truck (background) is used to pump the cement.

This is an early picture as the process begins.
Another cement truck backs up to the pumper truck.

The long arm of the pumper truck is used to pour concrete.

This shows the full 100 foot extension of the arm as concrete is poured on the side of the house farthest from the truck.
As the surface is poured, the crew works to smooth and level the cement.

The pour continues.

The fellow in the blue shirt observing the work is Darryl Beach, our building foreman.
This "whirly-bird" machine is used to smooth the surface, even as the front porch (right) is being poured.

The jutting out extention of the main slab will be the bay window area of our dining room.

October 27 is also the day that Yolanda received a promotion at her job and is also the day the the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, breaking the "curse of the Bambino".

2004 Chris Guinn
updated 11/09/2004